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How the Google Panda Update affects Search Marketers

Back in February, Google announced that they were making a dramatic algorithm change that would forever change the search results. Its primary focus is on targeting low quality pages and sites with text that may be relevant for a particular query, but not necessarily designed with the best user experience in mind.  These are known as content farms.

Content farms are websites that simply create content for the purpose of keyword catching, in the hopes that it will either get highly ranked for their desired search term or to use for link farming as well.  Building links to client websites from relevant content on other websites has been a well known tactic for years and works really good if the content/website has good PR and is very relevant.  However, link and content farms will now lose out as Google no longer views them as credible sources.

The Google Panda update is now officially live for all English language queries across the world. Personally, myself being a professional internet marketing consultant; I think this is a great move in the right direction for everyone.  Content and link farms are a waste of time for any quality SEO to focus on and quite frankly, don't get anywhere near the same level of results as highly relevant, unique content on a credible website does.

Building links on content farms....seriously, who does that anymore?  The time has come to move on people.  Get with the program!

Focus your efforts on generating extremely high quality content on unique domain names, optimize for the search engines but keep in mind the end user experience!  This is critical to your success online.  Having a clear vision about what the user wants while also understanding the needs of the search engines will get you those top results you are striving for.

This is a great move on Google's part and I couldn't be happier.  By eliminating all of the garbage out there, this helps the quality sites truly stand out from the crowd and get the rankings they deserve.  Nothing is worse than having a top notch website get outranked by a content farming link spammer...

Its time to hire more English majors with journalism backgrounds people.  Think quality not quantity!

To read more about this topic, check out this great article by Vanessa Fox at Search Engine Land.

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